Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2012 in pictures / part 3

2013 has started. Not so gloriously for me. I've been sick as a dog for a week now and getting seriously tired of it. Flu.What a wretched invention indeed. 

Therefore there's nothing new to report, so I continue with recapping 2012 with few more pics. There you go...

Vilnius, Lithuania
I was there for barely two days and saw nothing of the city itself. Mindaugas Triennale. Interesting experience. When I was supposed to start with our set-up there, they started to build the venue. Hmm. Better late than never. Eventually everything was miraculously up and running by the time of the grand opening, but it didn't come easy.

Vilnius seemed to be a cute town, which I dearly would like to explore one day. so this is once again one of those placed to go back to. Few impressions though;

View from the hotel room window.

CAC. It will be a black box in 6 hours, right?

Downtown Vilnius. Almost missed my flight while casting a glance.

Moscow, Russia
Directly from Vilnius. I've already shared some impressions about Russia on my previous post, so here mainly some visual input.

Post card pic.

Wide avenues

I did like Moscow. Wishing again for a chance to explore more. And bring rollerblades with me the next time to go circling the Gorki Park =) =) That'd be great!

Gorki Park is a great, great place. A huge park, all in ruins full of rubble and graffiti. Wonderful atmosphere.

Gorki Park.

Gorki Park.

Gorki Park.

Gorki Park.

Downtown Moscow was different from what I expected. After having seen all those photos in the documentaries and school books, I thought I'd see something more grand. Kreml is a mile long red building, yes. But for example the famous Red Square was tiny compared to what I expected. Hmm. No wonder Matthias Rust didn't actually land directly there. Not possible =)


Crisp colors on an autumn day.

A church beside the Red Square.

Traditional market hall.

Traditional hams.

The restaurants in Moscow are wonderful! I haven't eaten so well in ages as I did there. Cafe Pushkin, Central House of Writers and Sixty on top of the federation tower, are highly recommended. If you have the dough. Prizey they are, there is no going about it. But well worth it.

House of Writers served the lamb fillet in an imaginary way.

Cityscape as seen from Sixty.

Cityscape as seen from Sixty.

The hotel we stayed in was the Ararat Park Hyatt just around the corner from Bolshoi and Kreml. Pretty fancy after the brand new renovations. Looking down fron the eleventh floor here:

Ararat Park Hyatt

Maybe I could store all my utopias also here, among the others?

Paris, France
Another Show Dance. This time on the Spotlight Club hosted by Rick Owens. This is a special little snapshot to my old roommates in Hallituskadun Väs-kommuuni in Tampere. i went to the orih^gins, ya know? Hihii.