Monday, April 21, 2008


Spring has arrived in Basel! Everything is breathtakingly pink and blossoming. I just wanted to share few pic's of the scenery with you. I'm just about to leave for Antwerpern to check how it is over there. C U in a week or so!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Thessaloniki, Greece 7.-11.4.08

I was bit nervous to go the Greece. I had practically no information about the Moni Lazariston Theatre we were supposed to perform. When we finally got there, theatre turned out to be quite nice facility built by germans in 90's.

We had just one performance there on this "12th Europe Theater Prize"-festival, but there surely was lots of work to set it up. When we started the work I was handed a piece of paper showing all the lamps available in the theatre. Since there was to be another play just a day after our performance, I was told I can use all the lamps that are not circled on the paper. Not so easy, since there was probably three of those on stage and few front lights from mile away, hmm. Some serious improvisation was required... The working methods in Greece seem also to be somewhat different from what I've used to, so it took a long time to accomplish all the necessary things. And especially after Japan that was a real bite of reality.

In the end I managed to pull everything somehow together and the performance was a good one, can't deny that. But in the future I would rather reserve Greece as a holiday destination =).

There was some cool experiences and people during our stay too. There was this Swiss tv-director with two-man Greek crew to shoot a documentary of Mnemopark. The sound-guy was local from Thessaloniki and he invited our people to dinner at his friend's restaurant, which was really nice experience. We had various samples of the best of "Greek Cuisine" and not-so-reasonable amount of Tsipouro, strong pomace brandy. Very nice evening indeed, thanks to this very well connected cool person and his friends. This was one of the best things to encounter in Thessaloniki, the other being the very nice translators, students from local drama school.

Also the hotel Les Lazaristes just next door to the theater was a real fancy one, so no difficulties in accommodation.

I didn't have much of a chance to check out Thessaloniki as a travel destination, since our stay was very brief and work-filled. But it seems like a place with multiple possibilities. I also forgot my camera back home, so no pictures this time, not that there would have been any time to take them either =)