Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas advertising

I have a habit of reading the free newspaper called "Metro" in the mornings on my way to work. You might know this one, because it is widely available on many cities. Metro satisfies easily my curiosity on recent happenings in the world.

This morning was special. Some of the Christmas advertisements really puzzled me. Or, to be more precise, their change over time. What say you?:

Metro 16.12.2010 "Vibration masseur Orgasmatron"

Metro 17.12.2010 "Scalp tickler & deluxe version"

??? To soothe my bruised brain, the company tells the reader that they are / have the meaning of life. Among other cheap thingies...

It is not 42 after all?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sky on fire and other wintry visions

We are rehearsing at Cable Factory in Ruoholahti. Starting in the morning, through the day all the way into the evening. The procession of the day and light behind the windows.

Early  morning and the day outside.


From the windows of the studio we can see over the water to Lauttasaari. Weather has been genuinely wintry and the landscape has shown us many different faces. The sea is finally frozen flat. Mostly it gives you the impression of calmness and space, like everything was sleeping through the cold winter months.

Southern Lauttasaari

Today while watching out of the window, I got the strangest urge to go skiing. This is something that I didn't volunteer to do since I was 13 years old. Somehow the quality of light reminded me of my childhood skiing trips on the frozen lake. I would take hot chocolate and sandwiches with me and ski to an island or somewhere to eat my packed lunch. I usually liked doing this all on my own, the solitude of it was very important to me.

Brrrright light

Yeah, that was something special to me. But then I reached the delicate age of 13 and went to the upper high school. The nazi gym teacher we had killed all the enthusiasm in me. Didn't ski ever since. Strange how the elementary school can kill all the interest in a kid =)

Länsiväylä bridge

Perhaps now, some 23 years later I could consider to take up on my childhood hobby again. The gym teacher is only a vague recollection anymore, so maybe it would be okay?

Sky on fire
Sometimes there is quite spectacular views in the horizon. Sadly the cameras very rarely manage to capture all the splendor of the phenomena. But perhaps you at least get the idea?

Grayish and open daylight
Fiery sky in the evening

Subtlety of coffee

O'joy o'happiness! Tram stop, early morning, temperature app. -10*C, mostly clear skies.


When considering the subtlety of warm latte in a to-go cup in your hand on cold winter morning, I'm seriously lost for words. Pure happiness and definitely worth getting up 20 minutes earlier to prepare it to go.

Mmmmmm.... waiting for number 8
That's all....

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Loooooooooots of snow and a cool production

I was reading the online weather forecasts before I came to Finland. I have to say that I was bit worried about it, since the temperature hovered quite steadily somewhere around -25*C, I'd freeze my butt out, brrh. But, luckily the "shit cold" had subsided by the time I got here and it was only somewhat peachy -6*C or so. Lucky me =)

Of snow we have here plenty, though. It's kinda nice, since it is all puffy and fluffy and not wet at all. It started snowing on 6.12, the Independence Day, and by the evening Helsinki region had gained some 50cm thick layer of it, covering everything. Most of it is still around, because nobody bothered / had time to clear it away. Car owners are having major problems because their vehicles are seriously blocked and the city is sending out police to hand out fines for illegal parking instead of shovel teams to help dig the cars out. Fair game...

Pikku-Huopalahti 7.12.2010

The snow kept coming down for the following couple of days. Judging by the visuals, it really is a winter wonderland here now. So pretty, and also comfortable to experience, since it's not so freaking cold just now. I already thought that I don't really care much for winter, but this is nice, I have to admit. Snowflakes are somehow friendly =)

Frosty tree on the inner yard.

I came to Finland to participate on a new dance production. It is called "On the kitchen table" and choreographed by Satu Tuomisto. Live music is by Mariska & Pahat Sudet. The performance will open on January 22nd on the Boiler Plant on Cable Factory, Helsinki, as a part of Zodiak Center for New Dance program.

Our brand new poster! (baaaad quality jpg, will be fixed)

Is this modern dance? -Perhaps, at least until snow covers it.

I'm very thrilled about all of this, since I already did one production for Raatikko with choreographer Tuomisto and greatly enjoyed the experience. This time we get to do something even more rock'n roll. Yeah!

Bicycles by the Cable Factory

I have to say that it is really nice to work with such a team of people that feed your imagination constantly. I cannot ever remember the last time I would have scribbled so many things to my notebook in such a short time. It's just brilliat and I believe the performance will turn out fine too. You should come see! Tickets are available since to day on Lippupavelu. Bring your friends too!!!!

So, it can be stated that I really like being in Finland this time around. Groovy, I even don't mind the winter and wet legwarmers =) And it's so pretty here one can only smile =) =)

Bio waste bin got a new hat on Cable Factory yard.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Some belated flavors of October @ Tampere

I know it's been ages since I managed to scribble anything here. Sorry about that... Somehow I just felt that I need bit of distance from some stuff that happened in October.

I had my breather and I finally feel ready to share some cool things that happened within the duration of my stay.

The cider
I went to a bar called Konttori with a friend of mine and did some sampling of British ciders. Each one that followed was stronger than the previous one, and also more expensive as it occurred. After a not so long a while I was happily tipsy =)

The two below were my favorites of the lot I sampled. Both of them are somewhat oaky and round in taste and don't have excessive amount of bubbles. One ice cube does the trick, they both loose all flavor if too cold.

Thatcher's Katy

Weston's Vintage 2008 Special Reserve Cider

Beautiful scenery
I got invited to a house warming party in Tahmela, on the slopes of Pispala. This is one of the most prestigious areas of the city with architecturally the most interesting (and also most expensive) real estate. Friends of friends had landed themselves a half of a double house over there with some impressive 180 m2 and open view over the Pyhäjärvi lake. We went there by the time sun was just setting and had a chance to admire one very nationally romantic view from their back yard. A view with blue sky, pine trees and sunshine glittering on the waves.

First I was bit dubious about going there, since I wasn't invited personally in the first place, but then I decided to go. This proved to be a good idea, because, as it turned out to be, I knew pretty much everybody at the party. They are all old friends with whom I used to hang out in the student parties in mid-nineties. And the house, OMG, it's beautiful!!!

House itself was quite special also, as just said. It has been built on 60's in a very functional and minimalistic style and looks still very airy and modern, but not in the 60's style modernism. I could easily imagine myself living in a house like this one, but unfortunately it's not likely that I can ever afford one =) But a girl is allowed to admire and dream, right? Anyhow, I'm very happy fro these friends, that they found and got what they were looking for.

Only thing missing is the blue-white flag on the pole.

The day Tampere disappeared
There was a day that Tampere simply wasn't there. The fog was so thick that I could barely see the next building. Somehow ghostly feeling since all sounds seemed also muffled.

Not really there. Nope.

Over the Rainbow
My dear friend Jyri invited me to go with him to listen to a band called "Over the Rainbow" at Pakkahuone. This is a band of Joe Lynn Turner,  Bobby Rondinelli, Greg Smith and Paul Morris who all used to play in Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow and Jurgen "J.R." Blackmore who is the son of Ritchie Blackmore.

I had no clear idea what I would be, but I was very curious. I know the old Rainbow pretty well and have always considered Blackmore being the only true guitarist for Deep Purple. Well, whatsoever.

That national warm up act was not much to say about, but OTR opened their set up strong. The guys sound pretty amazing still over all the years and the prodigal son plays guitarist with as steady hands as daddy. Pleasant experience.

The only unresolved questions concerning this band and this evening are the following:
1) Is Lynn Turner wearing a wig???
2) Why and how the heck Jurgen manages to look as old as the rest of the gang?
Go figure, cool concert anyway.

Halloween masquerade
On Halloween my friend Ulla celebrated her birthday and invited us all to a costume party. The theme was movies an television series. Pretty broad concept, which still managed to produce three nuns in a crowd of twenty people =)

I dressed up as Lara Croft, because I didn't want to invest in something "pink with fringes" or something, that eventually end up collecting dust in the back of the closet. Combat boots, t-shirt, boobs and the hair I already had, so I just needed to get some skimpy shorts and some gun straps with street credibility. It turned out pretty ok, but unfortunately I can't prove it to you guys just yet. I have to wait the photos from the birthday girl's camera... But I promise to post some as soon as I get some, seriously!

As a teaser for the mean time, I post the bartender's shot list. The bloody Sambuca was my favorite. For the Finnish reader's there is a dilemma to solve: What d'ya suppose it is supposed to read on the middle row bottom? Karannut? Kärynnyt? Both interesting choices, I'd say.

Everybody surely finds their cup of tea?

For the last but not least I want to post something I found pretty peculiar. I guess it's just one result of this dumb smoking legislation in Finland nowadays. The proprietor must designate the poor smokers to go somewhere, right? Preferably somewhere out of sight, out of mind... This is the result:

Storage for liquid gas and an ashtray, yep.