Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Travel Statistics

Hi there again!
New year and new tricks... Since it's been sort of slow for me lately, mainly due to my lame arm, I thought to have a evaluative look back to what all has happened.

The most important purpose to me starting to write this blog in the first place, was my travelling. I wanted to share all the cool and obscure... Recently other stuff has also popped up in the postings and travelling is bit less frequent nowadays. -But nonetheless, here is some stats and creds for you:

Travel Map
I've been to 140 cities in 29 countries
Minna is an explorer that:
does their own thing
doesn't mind roughing it
flirts with danger
Travel cred: high
I rank in the top...
0.1% most cities visited - Laos
0.2% most cities visited - Thailand
0.4% most cities visited - Estonia

And, yeah, cities in Finland are not really listed here, because they'd be too plenty =)

And, btw, I've never been to California even though the map insist on pinning it for me. Perhaps this is the omen / premonition, that it will eventually happen =) =)