Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Picture parade from Antwerp 21.-27.4.08

Our Mnemopark-tour took us this time back to Belgium again. It was, as the previous visit to Brussels also, very nice experience. Performances went without any fuss and people were professional and friendly.

I found Antwerp to be very cosy town and I enjoyed strolling along the streets. Some very cool architecture and interesting fleamarkets! Here is a collection of phenomena I saw.

Stripy houses somewhere near downtown.

Fleamarket on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Some Par-cans on sale, among various other things.
Can I take this as a piece of hand-luggage on the plane?

Very elaborate and cool graffitis on a narrow side-alley wall.

Masterpiece of carrot-art on my plate in a chinese restaurant.

Would this be awesome address to live in?

This says something like
"Smoking is strictly prohibited in the near proximity of the tank.
Material can combust spontaneously"
-Nothing funny in such, except for the fact that it was placed next to the men's pisoar.

Stretched Hummer-limo in front of the hotel.

Some treats for my Finnish-speaking readers:

Että kuinka? Yksi henkilö paskamerta kohden?
Vai olisiko se sittenkin sovituskoppi?

Hmm... Keneltä? Mitä?