Saturday, March 17, 2012

Night skies

I was bicycling home last night, pretty deep in thought. Then I suddenly saw these bright lights on the western sky. Whooa! What's that? I dont think that I've ever seen anything quite so bright before.

The conjunction of Venus and Jupiter on 16/6/12 at 20.45

As it turns out, this mid-March is brilliant time of the year to go and crane your neck upwards. For four hours after the sunset one can see the conjunction on Venus and Jupiter above the west horizon. Go check it out, it's pretty awesome. I first thought it must be one of those cranes from one of the constructions sites nearby. But no no, the lights are just sitting there, with no strings attached =) Also other planets are quite visible at the moment.

Easyjet to London, right on schedule at 20:58 =)

BTW. I found this cool site on the web for finding out what actually is up there: It's called Astroviewer and you can set up your location and time to find out the names of constellations, stars, planets and other stuff.
Looking south 21.15: bright Sirius and hunting Orion

Saturday, March 10, 2012

After the Winter

These sunny days inspire me to do some photography.

'No place is boring, if you’ve had a good night’s sleep and have a pocket full of unexposed film.' -Robert Adams 

(Thanks to Hanna for this proverb, I'm totally shamelessly snatching it...=)

Our naked chimneys

Wines are waiting

The Contrast:

My Azalea is anything but dead, but it's blooming itself to grave, I'm afraid.

Rio, the Cat
Real cat's days on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Me and My Business



Enjoying The Sun

"What are you minions staring at?"

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Aoxotoxoa @ Far-Out

We have to move out. Big bummer. In few months. Major bummer.

But, before that: PARTY!
- And party we did, last weekend. Grateful Dead - cover-band "Aoxotoxoa" from Luzern was playing a concert in our basement bar "Far-Out". Far out.

Here's some atmosphere from that nice evening.

Happy Pluto-slippers waiting for the first guests. Note also Spidey.

Ducks supervising the sound quality.

Sound check =)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Fasnacht children 2012

The kids are SO cute in their costumes. I couldn't resist photographying them...

My favorite: so deep in thought

Basler Fasnacht 2012 ambiance

Some ambiance of this year's Fasnacht. You can read what it is all about from my previous entry.