Sunday, January 18, 2009

To Finland again!

Next week I'm flying to Finland again. This time I'm staying for approximately three weeks to do light design for the new performance of Raatikko. - A dance-performance for children, story based on the poems of nationally famous author Kirsi Kunnas.

More about that later on, as / when / if it all comes together =)

Two adaptations of Darlings

I had the opportunity to do a light design for a bigNOTWENDIKEIT profuction called "Kill your Darlings". I already mentioned this in one of the previous posts.

Well, this is how it turned out to be... We performed with it on three venues: Schlachthaus in Bern, Fabrik Theater in Rote Fabrik, Zürich and also in Kaserne, Basel. In this post you can see, how very different can two venues look like although the medium of the light is basically the same: In Schlachthaus we performed on a tiny stage in the ancient stone-walled basement of the building whereas Fabtik Theater was three times bigger traditional black box. Kaserne ended up being somewhere inbetween. The premiere took place in Fabrik Theater, so this was the main target venue for the design also.

I realized that the atmosphere in these two versions was completely different. The room in the basement was somehow very present all the times, compared to the "non-spaceness" and void of the black box in Zürich. Being thightly surrounded by very organic surface as the stone-walls, makes the atmosphere very soft and somehow homey. In black space the scenography is somehow floating in the emptiness. I found both effects to be real cool, but they definitely change the mood of the performance.

See for yourselves!:

The beginning of the play "I'm not here."
Above Schlachthaus, below Fabrik Theater.


Song: "Here's to You"


"Grail & Andy"


"Story of Nicola and Bart"


"Am Grab - at the grave"


"Ich bedauere... ich betrauere
-I'm sorry about... I regret"


Towards the end:
Only light on stage comes from the drawers.


Only the neon-tubes in the drawers are on.

Kill your Darlings
Direction / Regie: Anna K. Becker, Katharina Bischoff.
Dramaturgy / Dramaturgie: Rahel Leupin.
Scenography / Bühne: Olivia Suter.
Light / Licht: Minna Heikkilä.
Artistic collaboration / Künstlerische Mitarbeit, Assistent / Assistenz: Stine Hertl.
On stage / Mit: Esther Becker, Anna Katharina Müller.